Taking a Break From Labor

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By – Randall Whitman, President, Advanced Biotechnologies Inc

Another Labor Day Weekend is upon us.  I have to admit that for most of my life it has just been a holiday that marked the end of the summer.  Usually I don’t want to go anywhere for this holiday since, no matter if I choose to go west to the mountains, or east to the ocean, the traffic is horrific.

This year I’m not going anywhere either. But I am definitely looking forward to not laboring on Labor Day.  It’s been a very busy year.  I’ve worked hard, and it’s good to take a break and appreciate all that has been accomplished.  The biggest accomplishment this year has been getting organized and getting our new laboratories up and running since Advanced Biotechnologies moved to Eldersburg last fall.  This time last year everyone in the company fulfilled their “other duties as assigned??? roles by tearing down and packing up everything from our old facility.  No small task for our company.

That’s the thing about reflecting on my labor and accomplishments. I could not have accomplished anything without the teamwork and hard work of all the employees.  I would not be working for an internationally recognized company, in such an amazing new facility, without the laboring of my mother and father who for so many years poured their heart and soul into the company, or as they would tell me “blood, sweat and tears???.

Laboring together. It is something to celebrate.