Shipping Info & Policy


Shipping and handling are free! Shipments within the USA are shipped FOB Shipping Point. Unless explicitly requested otherwise by the customer, USA shipments will be made on Monday through Thursday using FedEx Express Priority or Standard Overnight for Quantitated Viral RNA products, and World Courier for any products shipping on dry ice. For a plain-English overview of what FOB Shipping Point means, see this Wikipedia article. Please note that we are not responsible for inaccuracies in this third-party site.


Shipping and handling are free! All items must be shipped via airfreight outside the contiguous USA. International shipments are made FCA Shipping Point (Incoterms 2012) and are typically sent on Monday and Friday. The carrier depends on the destination country, and the type of product that is purchased. All duties, taxes, and shipping charges with respect to the delivery of the shipment are the responsibility of the customer. Advanced Biotechnologies will not bear any risk of loss once the shipment leaves our warehouse. Our customer service specialist will fax or email copies of the shipping paperwork to the customer (or customer’s import agent), and will have no liability for failure to notify customer when products have arrived at the Customs Office.

Advanced Biotechnologies reserves the right to select the packaging, shipping method, and airfreight carrier for your order, which will ensure the integrity of the product and efficient tracking.