Quantification of HPV in Caski and HeLa cell lines by digital PCR

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During this year’s Clinical Virology Symposium (CVS), our own Thomas Parks presented a poster entitled “Quantification of HPV in Caski and HeLa cell lines by a chip-based digital PCR”.  His poster was very well received with good discussion points by the CVS audience in Savannah, Georgia.  Session II of the program included the informative topic: ‘Molecular Tests for Diagnosis of Human Papillomaviruses Infections’, and HPV was the subject of many posters. Tom’s poster is attached for your reference. Posters were viewed in the combined Exhibit & Poster Hall and numerous enough to have presentations span three evenings. The receptions were lively and well attended with ~80 unique posters per day.

The May 7-10 Symposium was the 33rd annual CVS, and the first one to be held in Savannah. The International Trade and Convention Center was a pleasant venue with scenic views of the Savannah River and Historic District.

Our ABI booth incorporated themes of our 35th Anniversary as your virology resource center. We appreciate all those who stopped by our booth; it is always a highlight to meet face-to-face with our customers. Supporting our valued clients has been our mission since the company’s founding in 1982 and your input shapes our direction.

Tom’s poster describes how we used digital PCR (dPCR) to quantitate HPV-16 and HPV-18 in two cell lines, Caski and HeLa, carrying the respective integrated viral DNA. This new and exciting technology enables determination of copy number without the need for a standard curve. Measurements were made using the E7 viral gene region typically used in diagnostic assays. HPV E2 levels were also measured for each virus. Loss of E2 is associated with viral DNA integration into cell chromosomes and can be a predictor of progression from infection to cervical neoplasia. Further, multiplexing capabilities made it possible to determine copy numbers of viral genes per cell using a molecular cell marker, hERV-3. Be sure to read the poster for all of the details!

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HPV-16 Transformed Cell Quantitated DNA – Catalog Number: 08-953-250
Quantitated DNA Copy Number provided in copies /uL.

HPV-18 Transformed Cell Quantitated DNA – Catalog Number: 08-954-250
Quantitated DNA Copy Number provided in copies /uL.