In Remembrance of Sukhendra Choudhury, DVM, Ph.D.

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This fall, we lost a member of our Advanced Biotechnologies’ family.  Dr. Sukhendra Choudhury was one of our most dedicated scientists from 1998 until 2016. His expertise in viral growths, tissue culture, electron microscopy, quality control testing, infectivity studies, and veterinary sciences made him a critical part of the growth of our company.

Dr. Choudhury was well known throughout the company for teaching people by asking them lots of questions, letting them find the answers and think through the process.  For many years he served as a mentor and educator to most of the scientists that passed through our doors.  He was unselfish with his time and knowledge.

“He was one of my early mentors and later became a close friend. Every conversation was open and two-way.  I always felt I was being heard.” noted Randy Whitman, CEO.

Dr. Choudhury used to tell stories of being a young graduate student in Germany.   He would watch the sunsets from a boat on the river not far from the University.  He had a photograph of this time on his desk.

Sukhendra Choudhury will be missed at Advanced Biotechnologies.