Discontinued Products

Have you ordered a product from Advanced Biotechnologies in the past that is not on our standard products list? The following discontinued items are currently available by custom orders:

  • 08-806-000: Hepatitis C Viral RNA
  • 08-951-250: PCV2 Quantitated Viral DNA
  • 10-120-000: EBV (B95-8 Strain) Direct Pelleted Virus (1000X)
  • 10-144-000: HCMV (AD 169 Strain) Purified Viral Lysate
  • 10-150-000: SIV (mac251 Strain) Purified Viral Lysate
  • 10-529-001: HSB-2 Uninfected Cell Extract
  • 10-530-001: HIV-1 (IIIB Strain) Inactivated H9 Cell Extract
  • 10-530-025: HIV-1 (IIIB Strain) Inactivated H9 Cell Extract
  • 13-138-100: Mouse MAB to HHV-6A p41/31
  • 13-139-001: Mouse MAB to HHV–6A p41/38
  • 13-150-100: Mouse MAB to EBV (p17 EA-R)
  • 13-217-001: Mouse MAB to HHV-6A gp82/105
  • 13-219-001: Mouse MAB to HHV-6A/B gp116/64/54
  • 13-222-100: Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody to Vaccinia Virus

If you are interested in any of these items, please request a Custom Order Quote.

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