CVS In Review

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As I’m shaking the sand out of my shoes, I’m reminiscing on my time at the 29th Annual Clinical Virology Symposium (CVS) in Daytona Beach, FL. At this year’s conference, we were able to reconnect with our customers and relay the timely news of our newest product launch: Quantitated Viral Load Controls. All in all, this year’s CVS experience was a momentous opportunity for us to present our customers with the latest products and innovations from our laboratories in Columbia, Maryland.

Although we offer a variety of viral reagents, it seemed like we were also popular for our giveaways and our “Ask Me About My Infectious Diseases??? T-shirts. Imagine the looks we were getting from locals!

It was great to see our loyal customers, but also to introduce ourselves to some new customers as well. We attended a thought-provoking discussion focused on labs implementing the first WHO International Standard for CMV Quantification. We also attended BioFire’s Tuesday evening party and joined a raffle for a free iPad (though, sadly, we did not win).

We’re already planning for next spring’s show, and look forward to seeing all of you at the 30th annual Clinical Virology Symposium!


ABI’s New Quantitated Viral Load Controls 

For more information on our Quantitated Viral Load Controls, visit us on the web at, or check out our snazzy new Product Feature on

ABI’s Quantitated Viral Load Controls are intended for use in nucleic acid extraction and amplification processes alongside unknown samples to determine extraction efficiency, measure the viral load of unknown samples, and validate, monitor, and troubleshoot molecular testing procedures.