Molecular Products:

    • High-copy number PCR controls
    • Quantitative DNA/RNA extracted from highly-purified virus, concentrated virus infected cells, or cultured bacteria
    • Whole genomic nucleic acid quantitated by RT- PCR, real-time PCR and/or digital PCR

Purified Virus Products:

    • High infectivity, based on TCID50 post-thaw.
    • Highly-purified, intact viral products allow specific reactions with target antigens
    • Contains genomic nucleic acid
    • Applications for use: Infection and growth, nucleic acid extraction, in vitro infectivity assay, antiviral studies, spiking studies, virus ultrastructure studies, and more

Direct Pelleted Products:

    • High infectivity, based on TCID50 post-thaw.
    • Concentration from 500X-1000X, depending on the antigen
    • Applications for use: in vitro infectivity assay, antiviral studies, spiking studies, virus neutralization assay, Nucleic acid extraction, and more

Purified Viral Lysate Products:

    • Inactivated material
    • Purified virus, lysed
    • Pure viral proteins can be used in stimulation assays
    • Applications for use: ELISA, Western blot, dot blot, antibody screening/titration, other protein-based assays, and more

UV & βP-L Inactivated Virus Products:

    • Purified virus, inactivated 
    • Applications for use: spiking studies viral load determination, protein-based assays, virus ultrastructural studies, antibody screening and more
  • All products have passed through rigorous quality control testing.


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