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By Collin Myers, Technical Writer/Marketing Assistant I grew up in a small Maryland town smack dab between two rivers – the Severn and the Magothy. During the insufferable months of summer, when the humidity is so thick that it can make everyone’s breathing sound asthmatic and laborious, I remember constantly being under attack by mosquitoes. In Maryland, our major insectile nemesis is the Japanese Tiger Mosquito. These mosquitoes are larger in size than any other mosquito I’ve ever seen – they have long black legs and their backs are covered in white spots. Nowadays, in the evenings, I have a    Read More

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By Collin Myers, Technical Writer Around this time last summer, some friends and I were eagerly anticipating a two week European vacation. At that point I’d never travelled outside the USA, but couldn’t wait to land in Frankfurt and leave all my troubles and stresses thousands of miles behind me across the Atlantic. Shortly before takeoff, as the plane glided around the runways of JFK, the pilot’s voice crackled on the loudspeaker, alerting passengers of a system malfunction with the plane’s wheels. We began backtracking to our terminal so the mechanics could fix the problem. After a half hour delay,    Read More

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By Tia Douglass, Scientist, Cell Biology I first started working with AIDS at a hospital in Baltimore, where I volunteered as a candy-stripe. Nurses, doctors, and other colleagues at the hospital were kind enough to educate me, enhancing my understanding of the disease. During my time at the hospital, I encountered an HIV-positive AIDS patient who I had to feed and care for. Back then I was scared of contracting the disease. I even took extra precaution to avoid contact with bodily fluids. Like any young up and coming professional, I wanted to do everything in my power to preserve    Read More

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At last, winter is finally over. The snow has completely melted and the sun feels warmer every day. To kick off the long overdue return of spring, ABI is once again attending this year’s Clinical Virology Symposium (CVS) in sunny Daytona Beach, Florida. Those of you also attending this year’s tradeshow should be sure to stop by booth #431 and participate in our Name the DNA/RNA Virus Challenge for a chance to win a prize compliments of ABI. We hope to see you there! Visit our booth to learn more about our newest product line, Quantitated Viral Load Controls (QVLCs),    Read More

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By Diana Vacchiano, Marketing Coordinator Now that I’m back at work after three full months of maternity leave, I’ve started to create a whole new routine for myself. I used to take my breaks at my own leisure and could do as I pleased with them: take a walk outside, call my mother in Pennsylvania, mosey into the kitchen for a cup of coffee and a break from the computer. But now that I am committed to breastfeeding, I have to pump three times a day at the same time everyday on top of nursing my child in the morning    Read More

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By Dr. Jesse Mackey, Senior Scientist, Molecular Biology I’ve spent the last few days glued to my computer screen, searching for stories to bring to light for this blog, and stumbled across something that could potentially become the biggest medical story in the country. (more…) Read More

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By Sameen Ijaz, Scientist, IMD & Molecular Biology  My husband and his old school friends are in the process of planning their annual reunion getaway, and are thinking about taking a cruise to scenic Alaska. In most cases I’m happy that my husband and his friends dedicate a chunk of time every year to catch up and stay in touch with one another, but when I heard their possible plan for this year’s reunion, I couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy.   (more…) Read More

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By Dr. Sukhendra Choudhury, Senior Scientist, Virology The immune system acts as a natural defense that protects against infections and diseases. When receiving an organ transplant, the body tries to eliminate the transplanted organ through rejection. The immune system involved in the process of rejection protects your body from harmful viruses and bacteria. Following transplantation, the patient is prescribed antirejection (immunosuppressive) medicines to assure that the organ stays healthy and functional. As a result, viruses that remain latent in the human body are often reactivated in transplant recipients and cause major illnesses.   (more…) Read More

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By Collin Myers, Technical Writer/Marketing Assistant It’s that time of year again – the heart of winter, forecasts promising snow and ice, polar vortexes, and…flu season! So far, 2014 is off to a rough start for this Technical Writer – despite getting a flu shot back in the fall, I’ve been battling a weird cold/flu hybrid since New Year’s Eve, and haven’t felt 100% since last year. After five wretched days of blowing my nose, sneezing, and feeling aches and chills all over my body, I finally went in to see my doctor, who administered a test for strep throat,    Read More

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By Collin Myers, Technical Writer/Marketing Assistant An amazing breakthrough in cancer treatment has occurred at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia with the curious case of Emily “Emma??? Whitehead, a seven-year old girl who had been battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), the most common type of blood cancer. After chemotherapy treatments failed to eradicate her cancer, Emma’s doctors – with the blessing of her parents – decided, with limited options available, to consider an alternative, cutting-edge treatment.  (more…) Read More