Important Policy Change

Author:  ABI Online Posted:  12/15/2015 Category:  

Greetings From Advanced Biotechnologies,

As you may already be aware, we have recently implemented a policy requiring intended use forms from our end users for all purchases of our products. Our long-standing policy has been that our products are for research use only with any other type of use requiring a written agreement.

As a benefit to you, this process will now allow for larger reserves of specific lots of our standard products, as well as allowing for license agreements to be executed for commercial use of the products. This new policy will also ensure the longevity of our company, allowing us to continue to supply you with the highest quality products, and to continue to be your viral resource center.

Many new products will be launched in 2016 that will not require a license agreement. Please watch for our emails announcing our new products.

We appreciate your patience as we take the time to do a careful review of the information that you provide regarding the intended use of our products.